a World AIDS Day tribute


Wayne Roberts Abernathy, December 21, 1950-March 20, 1995

numbered among the 1st generations of martyrs slain

by a killer, then, by most, barely known,

tho’ still, by some, bravely named,


with mind and heart, soul and spirit,

weathered the firstly gradual, then rapaciously fleet

& inexorable descent

into death’s shadow;

yet neither cursing nor clenching closed his eyes to the enveloping darkness,

rather gazing fast at his Lord’s, his greatest Love’s Light;

Whose promise of eternal keeping

he ne’er spent a moment doubting;

tho’ some – e’en family and church,

oft misunderstanding and unaccepting –

questioned, given his “lifestyle” choosing,

which he boldly, surely knew

was no more his free electing

than any other manner of God’s creative bestowing…


in this, aye, verily, Wayne, in his dying,

damning not the imposing, yet impostering darkness,

loved, longed, lived into Life’s unbounded Light

and now forever walks by blessed sight.


today is…

World AIDS DayDecember 1

World AIDS Day

Since 1988, an annual global day of commemoration of the more than 35,000,000 people who have died from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome caused by the human immunodeficiency virus…

And a day of compassion for the 34,000,000 people living with HIV, and for their families, friends, and caregivers…

A day meant to highlight the human need to labor every day toward comprehensive prevention and treatment, and an effective cure.

Monday, March 20, 1995

Wayne Roberts Abernathy, my brother, my only sibling, and a far, far better human being and man than I ever will be, who, in this blog space, I remembered on this past Thanksgiving Day, died of AIDS.

Thinking of Wayne and all of my brothers and sisters who have died of HIV/AIDS, requiescant in pace.

Thinking of me and all who live, let us not rest until HIV/AIDS is no more.