size counts – a personal reflection on the latest lottery

Reaching $1.6 billion, a record,

the lottery summoned a record…


(the dream of becoming a billionaire,

surely bigger than that of being a mere millionaire,

and definitely better than that of a trifling thousandaire)


…number of gamers,

most of whom, small risk-takers

who plunked down $2

to bet

they might get

(if not every dollar, then)

at least a small part of the pot

(Is that a lot

to ask

when the number’s so vast?)


Well, the winning numbers are all in –

lottery balls




Of the millions who bet,

perhaps praying to the silent sky

(for I don’t think God cares, by the by)

That they might get

a piece of the pie,

the pot was split among but three,

each now a half-billionaire to be

(at least, before taxes!).


I didn’t wager,

not even a dollar,

for with a 292,000,000 to 1 probability

I found it hard (really, an impossibility!)

to see myself a winner

(so, as I didn’t wager,

today, I’m $2 richer).


Though happy for the three now with their bank accounts o’erflowing

(though now, too, I think they’ll have more friends than they e’er thought of knowing!),

I still have a question, ‘round my head racing:


I wonder how many of our sisters and brothers poor,

from their meager financial resources, poured

their money,

which they could ill afford,

into the lottery,


that they might net

a part

of the pot,

all for naught?


Another question nagging:

What sort of society sanctions gambling,

which, doubtless, entices the spending

of those on the margins living?