August’s end. The close of three months of summer leave from the work of my present life – 37 years, 1 month (and counting) of active church ministry.

August’s end. The beginning of the remaining five months of that present life before retirement at January’s end and the commencement of the life of my new work (which these summer months have proved a prelude) – my “rehirement”, with Pontheolla, as co-owner/operator of our B&B.

I stand at this entrance, which also is an exit, looking back at the beginning of my new life and looking forward to the end of my present life.

JanusEvery instant of every day is a “Janus-moment.” (After Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions, oft depicted with two faces, one peering into the past, the other gazing into the future, in whose honor the Romans named the month Ianuarius.)

As life alway brings change, I’ve been here before. I trust you, too, know this experience. But, until now, I’ve not stood on a threshold that felt like a precipice, when I am compelled to look not so much back and forward, but rather up and down, when every moment is heavy laden with ambivalence.

As I pursue the meaning, my meaning in all of this (ever the conscious pursuit of an existentialist!), I find comfort in the Janus image, whose true visage cannot be seen, for, dwelling invisible between the two opposite-looking faces, it beholds the present. Thus, in these coming days, weeks, and months, with my every sure-to-be uncertain step, I am reminded, encouraged, when tempted to look too far back or too far forward, to keep my eye focused primarily on the instant moment.