waiting for Jesus – an Advent-season-prayer-a-day, Day 13, Friday, December 15, 2017


Note: Advent, from the Latin, adventus, “coming”, is the Christian season of preparation for Jesus’ birth, the heart of the Christmas celebration, and, according to scripture and the Christian creeds, his second appearance on some future, unknown day and also according to scripture and Christian tradition, his daily coming through the Holy Spirit. Hence, the theme of waiting for Jesus is Advent’s clarion call.

O Lord Jesus, I wait this day for the wonder of Your World; for You are the divine logos, the all-creating, ever-animating Word. Yet so easily, without conscious thought, I, a sensate creature, claim and use all about me as mine own. How might my life, how might I be different (yea, though I pose a question, truly, I declare that I would be different!) if I daily thought and felt, intended and acted believing, knowing that this was, is Your world and all things therein? O Lord Jesus, by Your Spirit, breathe into me the words of Your evangelist John that they may be and become for me my daily meditative mantra, yea, my daily hymn of praise: All things came into being through (You), and without (You) not one thing came into being.(1) Amen.


(1) John 1.3