waiting for Jesus – an Advent-season-prayer-a-day, Day 10, Tuesday, December

Note: Advent, from the Latin, adventus, “coming”, is the Christian season of preparation for Jesus’ birth, the heart of the Christmas celebration, and, according to scripture and the Christian creeds, his second appearance on some future, unknown day and also according to scripture and Christian tradition, his daily coming through the Holy Spirit. Hence, the theme of waiting for Jesus is Advent’s clarion call.

O Lord Jesus, I wait this day for the wonder of Your Wrath. Yea, O Lord Jesus, I laud Your Welcome, yet I dare not forget Your Wrath; You Who, angered by the desecrating exploitation of Your Father’s House, cleansed the Temple.(1) As Your Apostle identified the body of the Christian community, verily, the bodies of Christians as temples of the Holy Spirit,(2) by Your same Spirit, consume with cleansing fire all dross within me that dishonors my creation in the imago Dei that I may glorify Your Father, my God in my living. Amen.


(1) Matthew 21.12-17; Mark 11.15-19; Luke 19.45-48; John 2.13-16
(2) 1 Corinthians 6.12-20


3 thoughts on “waiting for Jesus – an Advent-season-prayer-a-day, Day 10, Tuesday, December

  1. Ohhhhh the wrath!! Guess I knew it had to come sooner or later!! I never want to forget the wrath of Jesus. It reminds me of the wrath of our elders when we were young and misbehaved. You knew it was coming because you had done wrong and even though you were punished you were still loved! I have to say with all of the natural disasters and more fires now in CA I think a lot about wrath, that we’ve not loved each other with our whole hearts and are being punished for it. So much hate and anger going on it’s hard not to think about wrath.

    Thanks Paul for this focus today!!

    Much love

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    • Yes, I think that it’s an easy thing to begin to equate natural disasters with punishment for human wrongdoing, especially when I consider the harm we have done to the environment and the resultant climate change/global warming.

      Still, one of the blessed graces of the wrath of God, and, yes, you speak to it in reference to the punishment of our elders who continued to love us, is that Jesus intends that we be made clean and whole. I think of the words of the hymn: “When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie, My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply. The flames shall not hurt thee, for I only design thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.”


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