a World AIDS Day tribute (reposted from December 1, 2016)

WRA 1976

Wayne Roberts Abernathy, December 21, 1950 – March 20, 1995

numbered among the 1st generations of martyrs slain
by a killer, then, by most, barely known,
tho’ still, by some, bravely named,
with mind and heart, soul and spirit,
weathered the firstly gradual, then rapaciously fleet
& inexorable descent
into death’s shadow;
yet neither cursing nor clenching closed his eyes to the enveloping darkness,
rather gazing fast at his Lord’s, his greatest Love’s Light;
Whose promise of eternal keeping
he ne’er spent a moment doubting;
tho’ some – e’en family and church,
oft misunderstanding and unaccepting –
questioned, given his “lifestyle” choosing,
which he boldly, surely knew
was no more his free electing
than any other manner of God’s creative bestowing…

in this, aye, verily, Wayne, in his dying,
damning not the imposing, yet impostering darkness,
loved, longed, lived into Life’s unbounded Light
and now forever walks by blessed sight.


4 thoughts on “a World AIDS Day tribute (reposted from December 1, 2016)

  1. Loved this last year Paul, love it today!! You certainly capture not only who Wayne was to you, but also to the world!! A great man and a great loss!! It’s awesome that you continue to share him with us.

    Much love

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    • Loretta, thank you. Earlier today, a friend asked me what I had learned from and since Wayne’s death. This is what I wrote to her…

      Wayne’s death has taught me that grief – though, yes, there are stages – has no end. I will mourn his death until I die. Something else I believe I have learned. I used to think that when a person died s/he remained frozen in time, that is, as s/he was at the time of death, in the memories of living loved ones. In Wayne’s case, I, amazingly, have discerned that he has continued to be and to become – perhaps, yes, as I would have imagined and envisioned his development; nevertheless, o’er the years, I have heard him speaking to me of things in my ongoing experience. Perhaps, for me, this is proof, tho’ I need it not, of the life everlasting.

      I pray this has been, is, and will be true for you concerning Tim.

      Love you

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      • YES!!!!!!!!! Thank you Paul!! I definitely hear and see Tim as he’d be today, not laying in that hospital bed dying…that part hurts too much!! As I was driving Joy home from the dealership I kept hearing Tim’s booming voice cheering and laughing telling me how proud he was of me for FINALLY doing something just for me!!! Every trip I take he will be with me and as I get older he will be too!! I too believe that grief will never end it will take different forms!

        Love you back!

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