Subtitle: on the Tuesday morning following a prayer for a breezy, chilly, bluesy Wednesday*

Some mornings…this morning, I feel…I am born again;
not merely by awaking –
tho’ believing that is not promised, not daring idyllic indifference for this grace –
but rather via sensing, believing, trusting in a renewal,
as Jesus saith, “from above”** and
as Paul saith, “inwardly day by day.”***

I sense, believe, trust
for this morning – when the crow cawed, indeed, when the crows cawed,
welcoming the day (as they do every dawn) with their cacophonous chorus –
I heard not (as I usually do!) discordant noise,
but rather a cry, a call to rise, rejoicing in the gift of sound.

And then, grateful for the gift of sight, I looked, watching
the murderous swarm (this day, numbering four)
take flight to alight (as they do every dawn) on the limbs of the black walnut tree –

Black Walnut tree, Clevedale, 11-12-17at this time of year wholly barren of leaf,
appearing as fleshless, arthritic bones
against the grey autumnal sky –

where they, staggered from branch to branch,
stood on stage, a black-robed quartet to continue their cantata,
the whistling breeze their musical accompaniment…

and I inhaled their melody as Spirit-breath.



*A previous blog post, November 8, 2017

** John 3.3.

***2 Corinthians 4.16



6 thoughts on “rebirth

  1. Paul,

    Your rebirth sounds amazing!! I pray that you will continue to have these spiritual experiences!! Seeing and feeling joy around you as you awaken in your beloved environment is an awesome thing!

    Feeling great for you and with you!


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    • This morning, Loretta, was quite the beginning. Verily, I experienced a renewal. I cannot explain it – the why or the how of it, save to assume, to believe it was wrought by the hand and the will of a gracious God. I now await the next…hmmm, I don’t, can’t know what, but I long for and look toward the next revelation. Love

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  2. As many times as I have lain in my comfortable bed of a morning and cursed those raucous birds, I now most humbly say, “God bless the crows.” Next time they wake me I will smile. So glad for this blessed renewal of hope and joy in your spirit, dear friend. Like you, I await the next installment…



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    • God is good…to me…to all, e’en in the worst of times, the most desolate moments when all that is good and well seems… is afar off. Hence, tho’ surprised by this latest evidence of rebirth (verily, surprised by joy), I am not wholly taken aback. God is good.

      Much love, Karen


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