a 4th of July epigrammatic poetic meditation

Statue of Liberty

when Martin’s misty dream crosses the as yet insuperable obstruction

from the ethereal theory of virtuous ambition to righteous action,

from the hallowed declaration of a half-century plus four past[1] to the corporeal reality of daily realization,

and character, not color becomes the fairest, truest measure of human perception…


and when gender remains an aspect of human identification,

yet no longer a veiled, vile justification for subjugation…


and when this land’s loathsome chronicle of injuries unto others

(the venal seeds of prejudice yielding the poisoned fruit of injustice) –

because of

color and gender,

race and culture,

lineage Native or immigrant or slave –

is read aloud by public penitent voices within the hearing of a moral heaven,

and, in acknowledging the sin, repenting, promising, “never again!”,


then the American experiment will become the American experience…


then America will “be America again –

The land that never has been yet –

And yet must be – the land where every one is free.”[2]



[1] A reference to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech, I Have A Dream, August 23, 1963

[2] From Let America Be America Again (1935), a poem by Langston Hughes (1902-1967); altered (one substituted for man)

2 thoughts on “when…then…

  1. Amen, and a thousand times Amen, dear Brother Paul. Let us cherish the vision and the hope of every sincere and loving American heart, but let us also dedicate ourselves to building the reality with every word we utter and every deed we do, with every expression and every touch we offer to everyone we encounter. Let us make real and manifest the Blessed Community.

    A blessed and happy Fourth of July to you and Pontheolla,

    Much love,


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    • A blessed 4th of July celebration, Karen, to you, Ted, and Emilia.

      And, yes, nothing for good is accomplished without the daily labors of many hands and hearts who grasp and inhabit the vision and, in that blessed apprehension, act to bring it to pass.

      I think of the words of the hymn, “Come labor on, who dares stand idle on the harvest plain…” Alway there is work to do to bring the vision, already extant in the light of imagination, to life in action.

      Love you,


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