a-Lenten-prayer-a-day, day 34, Saturday, April 8, 2017

my-hands-2-27-17Note: As a personal, spiritual discipline, I write a prayer for each of the forty days of Lent; each petition focusing on a theme, truly, relating to a care or concern weighing on my mind and heart, at times, vexing my soul and spirit…

On what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions, again (subtitle: Now):[1] O Jesus, dearly do I love You, and, now, through the lens of this Lenten praying labor of my love for You, more clearly do I see You (and me!).

What is lacking in Your afflictions for my sake? Oft I have wondered, worried about this; fearing, for my sake, that if anything was missing in Your sacrifice for me, the lessening, the loss of my salvation.

Now, seeing You more clearly, I now know more surely that what is lacking in Your afflictions for my sake is my sharing in Your suffering for Your sake…

For all my days, e’en now, despite my best intentions, I have been slow to repent (and some days and moments of days, I confess, I do not)…

For though I claim and call You as my way, my truth, my life, I, e’en now, love to go my own way in league with the truth as I know it for my self, so to liken my life unto mine own image.

O Jesus, I pray You, by Your Spirit, bind my wandering mind, bend my wayward heart, bolster my wavering soul, break my willful spirit that I now, at least, on some days and moments of days, may…canwill sacrifice my self wholly unto You. Amen.


[1] See Colossians 1.21-24 and yesterday’s blog post, a-Lenten-prayer-a-day, day 33, Friday, April 7, 2017: On what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions

2 thoughts on “a-Lenten-prayer-a-day, day 34, Saturday, April 8, 2017

  1. Just WOW Paul!! It’s Powerful!! Don’t we all want to go our own way at times? We think we know best!! And many of us have experienced the same with our kids as they grow up, when they believe they know more than we do.

    I love the fact that you don’t ask to always be free of your willful spirit (because it’s who you are) but you ask for some days and moments to sacrifice yourself to Jesus. It’s honest and realistic and something you know you can accomplish. Thank you always showing us that we don’t have to strive to be perfect, we just have to continue to be the best we can be every day.

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    • Truth be told, Loretta, my petition to Jesus that I be remade by the Spirit (which is the only way I believe I can accomplish anything for Jesus) so that I may, can, will submit to Jesus at least on some days and moments in/of days arose out of my renewed recognition that I, in my humanness, never can be free of my will. In this realization, I also see afresh that if, when I submit to Jesus, even for a day or in a moment in a day, that pleases God. For I do not believe God wills to force me to submit, but rather, in response to God’s Love, that I choose to submit…

      Thus, it occurs to me, it makes rational AND spiritual sense, that Richard of Chichester’s words that lend themselves to the song, “to see (Jesus) more clearly, love (Jesus) more dearly, follow (Jesus) more nearly” begin with “day by day”. Amen to that!


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