a-Lenten-prayer-a-day, day 30, Tuesday, April 4, 2017

my-hands-2-27-17Note: As a personal, spiritual discipline, I write a prayer for each of the forty days of Lent; each petition focusing on a theme, truly, relating to a care or concern weighing on my mind and heart, at times, vexing my soul and spirit…

On willing one thing (again): O Lord, I see more clearly, though not…though ne’er perfectly, what Your Son Jesus taught and meant by “striving first for Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness.”[1]

Still, O Lord, You, Who hast made and sustains my life in this world, know the frailty of my flesh – my susceptibility to the interruptions and distractions of my days, the corruption of my perceptions in my fixation on the thing in front of me, which rarely is of ultimate importance, and, foremost, I must confess, my passions for my self-directed will and self-interested ways.

O Lord, grant me, by Your Spirit, perseverance at all times and in all times of prosperity and adversity, wellness and sickness, strength and weakness to want and to will the one thing of seeking to do Your will. Amen.


[1] Matthew 6.33

2 thoughts on “a-Lenten-prayer-a-day, day 30, Tuesday, April 4, 2017

  1. Paul,
    I saw this earlier today, but was having the craziest day and decided to answer after my security class tonight. I’m glad I waited. It was the day from Hell but ended strong! I was able to get home a few minutes ago, brew some tea, sit quietly to read the prayer several times and gather my thoughts. This prayer was the right one, on the right day, for me. I say that I had disruptions and distractions would be an understatement, YET now that my day is almost over, I could go back and be thankful for all of the things that went well and that I could focus on God, and doing his Will as it should be. Now that I think about it, maybe my day wasn’t that bad after all because I did indeed persevere through it all. Now I believe I can sleep in peace.

    Thanks and Love!

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    • Loretta, the more I reflect on your response and on my life, especially in the day to day course of events and activities and interruptions, etc., the more I am convinced that God honors our perseverance in striving to come back to focusing on God’s will and way amid and after every distraction or interruption. In this realization, I particularly like how you, in thinking about your day, write, “YET now that my day is almost over…Now that I think about it, maybe my day wasn’t that bad after all because I did indeed persevere through it all.” This, for me, captures the truth of our striving to stay the (God’s) course beautifully!

      Thank you!



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