facing another way, part 4 of 5

thinkinga personal reflection in anticipation of the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2017

Having looked back, today looking forward, what epiphanies will we see? What revelations, what “Aha!” moments will we experience? How will we be changed?

Unanswerable questions, really.

It’s too bad epiphanies can’t be made to order and don’t appear on demand. It would be helpful to know what is to come, I think

Like my namesake, the Apostle Paul, I oft engage in roundabout, sometimes pointedly straightforward conversations with my inner interlocutor. Awaking this morning, I, very aware of the things that vexed me most in this past year and mindful of my stubborn, but alas unfulfilled yearning to control my circumstances, asked myself: “Paul, if you could know all of what is to unfold in 2017, would you want to know?” My lips formed to utter a resounding “Yes!”, but, catching myself, giving myself another moment’s thought, I whispered “No.” As epiphanies by nature are beyond my command and can be joyful or sorrowful or both, it’s probably better, even best not to know.

A final (well, for now) reflection to come…

2 thoughts on “facing another way, part 4 of 5

  1. I agree with you Paul, I don’t want to know what is to come!!! I get that we live in an “on demand” where we can pick up our remote controls and select many choices of what we want to see, hear or experience!! However, I’m adopting the “bring it on” philosophy for 2017! Good or bad, horrible or wonderful, I just want to respond when it happens. I’m not even sure “aha moments” are possible when you have advanced warning.

    We often use the phrase “didn’t see that coming!” in response to both good and bad events, but it truly adds to our spontaneous in the moment reaction. For me, it’s what makes life so exciting!!

    Thank you for this series!!

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    • I like your “bring it on” perspective. Truth is, we largely can’t know what is to come. Hence being willing and able to respond come whate’er, whene’er, howe’er is a fitting course, I think.

      And thank you for your grand insight. An “Aha!” moment generally comes unexpectedly and unplanned – indeed, it cannot be planned. Thank you for this realization.


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