3 thoughts on “when truth is stranger than fiction

  1. Preach Paul!!!! That was awesome!! It’s all about the truth!! Fiction should absolutely be stranger than the truth in the best of worlds and I pray we will return to that at some point.

    What spoke to me the most in this post?? Here’s my favorite paragraph…

    “Seek the truth; come whence it may, cost what it will.” The quest for truth – in this sense, that which is real, factual, verifiable, and existentially always larger, greater, more complex than any one person can attain or contain – necessarily involves my being open to the challenge, the confrontation of information beyond my knowledge and contrary to my belief.”

    One of the reasons I love to teach is because it forces me to be open to hearing my student’s point of view… I don’t just impart my views on them and expect them to accept them as Gospel. We challenge and discuss all the Authors points of view that we read for class. I always ask them to seek the truth. Some students balk at the university requirement that Wikepedia not be used as a source for the simply reason that anyone can add “facts” to the published information, making fact checking almost impossible.

    We just do a much better job!! Like thousands of others, I’ve been to Comet Ping Pong where a man from NC appeared with a gun for no other reason that he’d failed to fact check a fake news story!! I thanked God over and over that no one was hurt in that incident.

    We must work together to do a much better job in pursuing the truth so that Mark Twain and all those deceased media folks who spent their careers pursuing the truth can stop spinning in their graves from disbelief!!

    Thanks Paul!!

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    • Yes, yes, yes, Loretta, to all you say. Still, I believe your hope and mine that we humans return to a sane degree of discernment in which the quest for truth is paramount over our hunger to have our viewpoints as individuals and affinity groups confirmed will prove a vain longing.

      As I consider it, this, our seeming rampant individualism, like all things, is the fruit of long historic development. We haven’t come to this hyper self-focused state of being overnight; meaning any restoration of balance, even assuming a larger societal desire for it, will take time…a long time.

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