Trump change

donald-john-trump-nbcnewsThe American people (well, a minority, according to the tallies both of total votes cast vs. the number of eligible voters and of the popular votes for each of the major party candidates) have elected their 45th president, Donald John Trump.

Between now and Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, and then, immediately beyond, in the fabled “first 100 days” in office, with selections of cabinet members and the leadership team and propagations of political and policy agendas, the kind of president Mr. Trump will be will become clearer.

Today, this day after the day after the Election Day, whilst I, with everyone else, wait for what is to come, still, ever the inveterate inquirer, I wonder. With nothing else yet upon which my mind can feast (or from which it can fast) save Mr. Trump’s campaign declarations (though low on the scale of substance, were they high in hyperbole or deeply sincere?), I, among many questions, ask…

Will Mr. Trump press forward to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, with the request (demand?) that Mexico pay the price for construction?

Will Mr. Trump carry out his expressed intention to rid the land of 11-12 million undocumented immigrants?

Will Mr. Trump execute his proposal of an outright ban on Muslim peoples entering the country or his subsequent position of instituting the “extreme vetting” of immigrants?

Will Mr. Trump, in league with a Republican-controlled Congress, repeal Obamacare?

Will Mr. Trump seek to dismantle the North America Free Trade Agreement and continue to disavow the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Will Mr. Trump withdraw American support for the United Nations’ Accord de Paris on climate change?

Speaking of change, “Change We Can Believe In” was a 2008 slogan of then presidential candidate Barack Obama. A cornerstone of Mr. Trump’s campaign for the White House was that he, a businessman, is change. Indeed, he is the first American President-Elect who neither served in the military nor held elective office. Given the latter, he touts himself as having no debt to pay to the political class, no duty owed to Washington’s establishment elite.

The change Mr. Trump has in mind, articulated in fuller measure in his campaign declarations and enumerated in part in my aforementioned questions doubtless bears little resemblance to that of his soon-to-be predecessor. Equally doubtless, those who voted for him believe in the change he embraces, embodies

Leading me to ask additional questions, for, it seems to me, a businessman-now-President-Elect is summoned to stand within sight and in the light of different rules than those of his making or choosing:

What will happen with the Cohen v. Trump class action lawsuit suit filed against Mr. Trump and the erstwhile Trump University?

What will happen to that privately owned international conglomerate known as The Trump Organization, headquartered in New York City’s Trump Tower?

What will happen to Mr. Trump and the release or, as yet, non-release of his taxes?

Whilst I wait, I wonder.

5 thoughts on “Trump change

  1. WOW!!! I had to read this a couple of times there was so much to it. So many questions!! Four years to get them all answered!

    So many people voted for President-elect Trump that now I’m more than curious to see what the next four years will bring!! You raised so many unanswered questions…. just because he has no political background for us to measure against. Unknowns scare me! But clearly many people trust him and all that he stands for. Now that we are reading and listening to the commentators….I didn’t realize just how many people hated Hilary and the Clintons in general.

    So now we will see what will happen in the first 100 days and beyond….but first at least one trial for him!! Change…. we shall see!! Easy to promise so much more difficult to deliver. I wonder if he doesn’t do well if we can fire him like he did to so many people on his reality tv show??

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    • No, Loretta, we can’t fire Mr. President Trump, unless he commits some constitutionally impeachable act! What stuns me is that half of the eligible voters did not vote and that Trump and Clinton closely split the numbers of those who did vote, with Hillary having a slight edge in that popular vote; hence the Electoral College prevailed. I also aver that Mr. Trump fell short of gaining the proverbial mandate to enact his agenda. An interesting 4-year period to come.


  2. Of course I know we can’t fire him but he seems to make up the rules as he goes along so it would be ok if we make up some rules too…yep that electoral college gets us every time!!!!!

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    • Loretta, one of the most striking immediate outcomes for me of 11/8/16 is the revelation that half of eligible voters didn’t vote. Half. I think there remains voter suppression in some areas of our country making it difficult, perhaps impossible for some to cast their votes. But o do not believe that can account for half of our voting populace not voting. I believe some (how many I don’t know) chose not to exercise their political franchise. Thus, once again, we have a President-Elect who has been elected with less than the popular vote.

      Yes, the Electoral College strikes again (which, I believe, was/is a gift of our founding fathers who did not trust fully the will of the people and considered that we needed oversight!)!

      Now that we have Mr. Trump, I pray our system of checks and balances works!


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