singing of a stormy Mother

(inspired by Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain, 1971)


Mother Earth bears the dust

on which Thou, O God, dost

breathe to make us,

and She our grounding

on which we, the prayer saying,

“live and move and have our being”,

and o’er which ruach’s fury doth threaten to break us.


For our Mother we pray


in gratitude for life

to Her, at times bereft,

in fear of death.


May we, can we, too, wonder


we had (have?) any part

in weather’s



If we dare consider

any thought of our share

in Her change

in tempest’s temper

might we deem it wise to suffer

our change?

5 thoughts on “singing of a stormy Mother

  1. Paul….

    Ok you really got me with this one!! What???? You know Maggot Brain!!!!!???? I just love how you can get inspiration from any and everything! WOW!!

    In all seriousness I’m praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew and for those in Haiti who are suffering its aftermath.

    Much love to you and Pontheolla. Praying you’ll stay safe as the storm moves north.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep! I have the album and played it to death during my college years. Love Maggot Brain’s 10-minute guitar solo! And once used the opening monologue, “Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time and y’all have knocked her up…or drown in my own shit!”, as my first words in a creation-care sermon!

      Much love back to you. We’re praying for all in harm’s way. Not sure how much weather-effect we’ll experience in upstate SC. But we know folk in the SC Lowcountry who are staying at home. We worry about them!

      Always praying you well!


      • We’ve heard from some of our friends who’ve also shared news of others. All are well, so far, though without power. Thanks for your care!

        And of course I pray for you daily and many times during each day.

        Tomorrow marks the 12th week since Tim’s death. How is it that time continues to press on – as it, one of our human prime measures of our earthly existence, inexorably does – through the cycle of past to present to future, yet leaving some past moments seemingly every present, ever-fresh to be relived, rethought, re-felt, re-experienced? Tim’s death bears that sense, that reality for me. Doubtless, for you, too. I discern this as an element of deep grief.



      • Glad your friends are ok!!! Such a gigantic and scary storm!!

        Yep every single day I take note of the date and how long it’s been since Tim left us. Some days are excruciatingly hard wnd I cry a lot while others are not bad at all and I smile a lot. Grief is quite the thing and certainly not for sissies! Thankfully we all have each other to rely on in really dark times.


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