gun uncontrol

On September 14, the Republican-controlled Senate in my home state of Missouri voted 24-6 to override the Republican Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of legislation that removes the requirement of a permit to conceal and carry a firearm and includes a “stand your ground” provision granting citizens the legal right to defend themselves if they feel threatened. The Governor, with his veto, contended, in part, that the bill would make the state less safe by stripping local law enforcement of the authority to require gun owners to complete a firearm safety training course and to pass a background check before being issued a permit. There is an attendant fear, should the bill, which will be sent to the state House of Representatives for consideration, become law that guns will be accessible to folk previously denied permits, for example, as I imagine, those convicted of domestic violence.

Doubtless there are nuances of the legislative floor debate that I have missed. Still, for me, on its face, this action by the Missouri Senate is an example of gun uncontrol.

5 thoughts on “gun uncontrol

  1. I agree, Paul. It seems to me that American guns and those who love them now have greater rights than all other Americans. At least based on the vociferous evidence, the Second Amendment occupies first place among American cherished freedoms, and all others – speech, religion (or lack thereof), search & seizure, due process, etc. – must contend for any fervor that may be left over after guns and their guardians get their lion’s share of unquestioning devotion and protection. The collateral damage from such devotion is a continuing American tragedy that unfolds every single hour.

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  2. Paul,

    This is really scary stuff!! I have to use a gun on rare occasions for work, but I sure don’t want to carry one at other times. It doesn’t make me feel secure at all. Someone could easily take it from me and end my life.

    I find it so heartbreaking that laws continue to be passed that are virtually signing death warrants for people who don’t deserve to die, innocent victims in many cases. I pray we come to our senses and begin to move forward with the real intention of gun control.

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    • Scary? Yes! And I, too, Loretta, pray that we – especially legislatures and, yes, the NRA as a faithful collaborator – come to our senses and labor to draft and enact effective gun control laws. In the face of my prayers, I fear there is little likelihood of that happening. More sorrowfully, it seems, given our continued inaction as a nation, it doesn’t matter how many innocent die at the hands of guns.


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