2 near-to-the-end-Olympic-observations

I was wrong about Rio…

Rio de Janiero

In my blog post, olympic failure? (August 4), I declared my intention not to watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, writing, in part, of “my sense of a decay of Olympic proportions…The widespread…use of performance enhancing drugs. The bribery…of international officials in…the rewarding of the Games…(and) Rio de Janeiro faces…the outbreak of the Zika virus, the polluted Guanabara Bay, the site of some of the water sports, Brazil’s political and economic uncertainties, and organized crime and…the ongoing threat of violence.”

I learned long ago (though, I admit, it took some years after absorbing the lesson to practice it!) to be as bold with my confessions of error as I am with my professions of my (many!) opinions.

There were few to no troubles of a viral outbreak, athletes falling ill from the pollution, political and economic upheavals, or a spike in crime (save one glaring case of American swimmers, exhibiting, I think, a reckless spirit of entitlement [is there any other kind?], fabricating a tale of being robbed at gunpoint by Brazilian officials).

I was wrong about Rio!

Bolt by the numbers…

Usain Bolt

Usain St. Leo Bolt of Jamaica, the first man to hold both the 100 and 200 meter world records since fully automatic timing for races became mandatory in 1977, is our day’s premier sprinter.

4: the number of years between each Olympic Games

126,230,400: the number of seconds in 4 years[1]

40: the approximate number (on the high side) of seconds every 4 years Usain Bolt runs in Olympic finals![2]

1: Usain Bolt



[1] Including 86,400 seconds to account for the extra day in the quadrennial leap year.

[2] 10 (100 meters) + 20 (200 meters) + 10 (100 meter relay anchor leg) = 40

4 thoughts on “2 near-to-the-end-Olympic-observations

  1. This was the first time I’ve been able to watch so much of the Olympic games. It’s been wonderful! I even have a fuller appreciation for synchronized swimming and shot put! Really! You are forgiven, oh Chief Cynic of Cyberspace!

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  2. No worries Paul!! In cases like the Olympics it’s great to be wrong!! USA athletes excelled, and there has been many exciting moments. I watched closely the security end of things, and was relieved that there were no big incidents, though many countries, including Great Britain cautioned athletes about leaving the Olympic Village. I’m happy to witnessed some amazing moments in Olympic history. It really kept my mind off other things.

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    • Amen for keeping your mind off other things. I more than understand.

      And, yes, the American athletes excelled. It is quite a wondrous thing whenever someone prepares for a great moment, and then rises to the occasion. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

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