my pivot

As a political junkie…


(after all, I majored in poly sci,

as an undergraduate, with an intent eye

on a legal career,

probably as a champion premier

in criminal defense

representing those charged with a capital offense

[hmmm, perhaps one of the presidential contestants?])


…I watch CNN and MSNBC

every day,


listening to every commentator’s

accounts of the candidates’ bluster,

every reporter’s

reviews of the campaigns’ composure

about things gone right

that appeal to the throng

and fluster

about things gone wrong.


Now, 82 days


from the election,

I can’t,

I won’t

watch anymore

(at least not for a while).

For I’ve come to a renewed recognition

that less is more,

for I cannot abide, accept,

or otherwise respect

wholly partisan perceptions

and über-biased declarations

by which no one

(and I mean no one

in my observation)

staunchly supporting,

unfalteringly upholding

either the Democrat Clinton

or Trump the Republican

can or will concede

a point,

any point

to “the other side.”


Finally, I’ve had to say,


Does not one’s integrity,

cannot one’s honesty,

and will not one’s humility,

whate’er her or his position,

whate’er the presenting question,

and whome’er her or his opposition,



that she

or he



I guess,

well maybe I profess,

perhaps I must confess,

dare I say acquiesce

that you have a point”?

2 thoughts on “my pivot

  1. Love this Paul!!! I think we are all supposed to learn even as youngsters that other people, even those with whom we disagree, “have a point”. Somehow our two candidates have forgotten that (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they learned this at some point). You lasted a lot longer than I watching them on TV and all the media that cover the campaigns. It just got to be too much!! Your poem captured everything I feel but couldn’t articulate. So glad you’re the man of words!! Is is November yet?? I’m over this already!!

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    • Yes, yes, and yes!

      But perhaps it is that the political arena does not encourage or allow nuance. We live (and have for a goodly while lived) in a “sound bite” culture (even a candidate’s lengthy, substantive speeches are reduced to a few catchy, provocative lines), which is, in part, I think, attributable to the way the media fields and reports the news. Therefore a candidate dare not spare too much (any?) time looking at different sides of an issue or argument. Our loss.

      I value a supple mind of one who can perceive and relate a depth of content of an issue and a breadth of context, which embraces more than her/his viewpoint. Again, too bad that’s not what we’re getting AND not only from the candidates, but also from their supporters and news “talking head” surrogates. Really? No one can say those important 4 words: “You have a point”?!

      Last night, after days and weeks of watching, seeking to stay informed, I’d had enough, at least for a while!

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