Hillary’s risky, pesky email-fail

What is the difficulty

(or is it controversy;

some consider it villainy,

even perfidy!)

that Hillary

has with email?

(those, thinking the worst, considering her troubles an epic fail!).


In addition

to the 30+ thousand



(were they classified

or non-classified?

it’s all so murky and mulishly unverified!)

during her term as State Department Secretary

(actually, the number up-or-down varies),

now, we hear of potential conflicts of interest

(focusing again on the issue of her trustworthiness),

what politely,


we call “boundary violations”

between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation

(founded in 1997,

a non-profit organization;

its mission:

“to bring people together to take on the biggest challenges of the 21st century”).


The issue is (isn’t it always!) stipendiary,

in another word, monetary.


To wit: did the Foundation

whilst Hillary

was the State Department Secretary

engage in “pay

for play”

with corporations

seeking favorable recommendations,

thus violating governmental ethical regulations?


Ah, methinks there are so (too?) many questions

involving this presidential election

that whether one favors either Trump or Clinton,

each with his and her high negatives,

perhaps the alternatives

Green Party Jill Stein or Libertarian Gary Johnson

might be worth at least a moment’s reflection.

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