“bump”? no, thump!

The post-convention “bump”

(that magical,


rise in the national polls; the grand prix

for the party’s presidential nominee)

has proved more of thump

for Donald Trump.


For he can’t seem to get his out of his own path,

largely unable to check his wrath;





in every direction,

no matter the person or position;

thus, himself in his foot shooting

or his foot into his mouth putting

whichever metaphor works best

to describe his daily gaffe-fest

(I hope he’s been having fun,

for in the long or short run

few can say the Republican Party

is particularly happy!)


Yesterday, Trump

took yet another thump

when he rolled out his proposed economic policy…


(here, I digress

to address

my presumption that the plan would benefit all,

for, after all,

he is the self-professed “blue-collar billionaire,”

who, indeed, advocated for working mothers with tax deductions for daycare,

but his plan, in the main, as I hear it, comes with a huge hitch –

more blessings in tax cuts for the rich!)


word came that 50 former officials in national security

(Republicans all;

the gall!)

among them, Michael Hayden, former head of the NSA and the CIA

and Michael Chertoff and Tom Ridge, each an ex-Secretary

of Homeland Security,

declared Trump “not qualified” for the presidency.


I do not believe,

much less can I conceive,

how a party nominee

can see

his way to election –

the reckoning day

a spare 3 months away –

when he suffers the defections,

becoming the object of the disaffections

of folk in his own party

whose loyalty

one might expect.

So, Mr. Trump, what’s next?

6 thoughts on ““bump”? no, thump!

  1. Paul, I do not remember if I have told you much about my parents’ political views. They were moderate Eisenhower Republicans who were friendly with Democrats. I do not think they would approve of Trump at all.

    I also know a life long Republican through Mensa. The last time he did not vote for the Republican nominee for President was 1964. He is not voting for Trump.

    I do wish the choice this year was better than it is.

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    • Amen, Chuck, amen. The choices presented by our two primary political parties, as oft has been registered, possess two remarkably unfavorable ratings – one for an uncertain/unstable temperament, the other for questionable trustworthiness.

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  2. Thanks Paul!! I’m so enjoying your political poetry!! I think (and pray) that they’ll be more defections to come!! At least it shows that not everyone has lost the good sense they were born with!! I sometimes shudder as to what’s next from him because the next thing is typically more scary and outrageous than the last thing. Lordy!!!!!!!

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    • Yes, yes, yes, Loretta, Mr. Trump has exhibited a penchant for speaking first and thinking(?) later.

      I think, too, with both Trump and Clinton possessing such high negatives and provoking questions about temperament and trustworthiness, respectively, the choice, depending on one’s perspective and sense of what matters more remains not grand.

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    • I understand your point, Jim. Still, I believe that Mr. Trump has tapped into the malaise of a segment of our American community that is aggrieved, feeling left out and left behind by whatever progression or restoration of standard of living others may enjoy. Hence, Mr. Trump didn’t manufacture or create his supporters, though I do believe that some of his rhetoric inspires, indeed, ignites less than savory and helpful responses.

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