“curiouser and curiouser”

Lewis Carroll

(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The presidential campaign grows stranger by the day.


President Obama chose the occasion of an East Room news conference…


(with Lee Hsien-Loong, Singapore Prime Minister,

who, by the way, is a Trans-Pacific Partnership collaborator;

a trade deal that Obama staunchly advocates

so, too, Hillary, as Secretary of State,

that is, until as a presidential candidate,

she bowed to pressure from Bernie Sanders and his supporters

and now opposes)


…to make the inference

that Donald Trump is “unfit to serve as president”

and, even more, that “he keeps on proving it.”


Still more, Obama opined,

with Trump’s frequent bellicose statements (pick a topic, any topic) in mind,

that Republican party leadership needs to consider


they can continue to support a standard-bearer

who in terms of personal temperament,


and discernment

falls woefully short of any acceptable requirement

of readiness

to hold the office

of “the most powerful position in the world.”


Trump, for his part, as always, had his say.



Hillary in terms faintly theological,

bordering on doctrinal,

calling her “the devil.”

Then deriding

Bernie Sanders, in agreeing

to support Clinton as a capitulation

to “the devil.”


By far, Trump wasn’t done (we only can hope,

but nope!).


This man is always about winning,



the forces, the foes that engage in sinning


him by criticizing

his thinking,


and acting.


So, today,

he went on record to say

that he may

not be a supporter

of Paul Ryan, House Speaker,

in his re-election campaign;

and, in the main,

that he likewise might demur in standing behind John McCain,

the Arizona senior senator, himself embroiled in a tough re-election campaign.



by day,

I am more and more amazed

by what I see and hear

that I fear

as Alice,

I “quite (forget) how to speak good English”,

leaving me stammering and unable to finish

a complete, much less sensible sentence.


So, I end this rhyme by asking

Democrats and Republicans,

indeed, all Americans


our political preferences

or our historical contextual references,

could you, could I, could we have conceived,

much less believed

that we’d find ourselves stand

in anything as curiouser as this wonderland?

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