unreliability & unreality

Donald John Trump (nbcnews)The Donald is at it again

and it’s not clear to me for what gain.


The Khans, Khizr and Ghazala, Pakistani emigrés   Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Timothy A. Clary (AFP, Getty Images)

and parents of Humayun, a soldier slain in Iraq,

at the DNC, had their say –

Khizr by speaking,

Ghazala by watching and, grieving, weeping –



Trump, according to him, being

“viciously attacked”

for his positions

on immigration,

particularly by Muslims from nations

under the threat of terror’s veil.


To hear The Donald tell it, the Khans had no right

to air their grievances despite

the 1st Amendment’s protections

of the freedom of expression;

moreover, decrying

Mr. Khan’s inaccuracies in describing

his, The Donald’s, positions.


Hmmm, The Donald, as I listen,

bristles and blusters,

sizzles and sputters,

with half-truths without number;

a fact-checker’s nightmare is he!


Oh, for us

to see,

as my Daddy was wont to say, ourselves as others see



Hillary Rodham Clinton (biography.com)Now, though Trump and truth are hard-pressed

to stand in the same sentence,

I don’t think Hillary’s his better

given her record

of misstatements,

+/- statements,




about the controversy unabating


her State Department emailing;

thus, clearly failing

she, too, the test of truth-telling.


Oh, my, what a unhappily bountiful,

sadly certifiable,

surely incontestable


for the U.S.!


Photo: Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Timothy A. Clary (AFP, Getty Images)

2 thoughts on “unreliability & unreality

  1. Thank you Paul!! A mess for the U.S.!! Isn’t that the truth!! I love how you, the man of words, have captured the essence of this crazy election season. My fear for what state we will be in come November continues to escalate!! Lordy!!! Canada is starting to look better and better!!

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