party irony

After watching last week’s RNC intently

and now but 1 day of this week’s DNC,

I espy

a situational irony…


(Surely others saw it long before, for it is all-at-once conspicuous

yet I, oft oblivious,

still more, in my sometimes obtuseness

was blind to the obvious.

But enough about me

and what I see

or don’t see.

Let me make haste and cut to the chase!)


On the Republic side, there’s Donald Trump,

a businessman, an entrepreneurial capitalist,

a commercial consumerist,

as the non-traditional, non-fundamentalist

presidential candidate

who, at times (largely?), aggravates Grand Old Party apparatchiks

and who has championed a movement

for America’s improvement

to make her great again.


On the Democratic side, tho’ it appears Hillary

will be

the party’s presidential nominee,

there’s Bernie Sanders, a progressive independent

(only joining the Dems in 2015) who’s championed a movement,

thus, a non-traditional candidate (need it be mentioned)



by party convention.


Seems to me both Republicans and Democrats

in order to realize their acclaimed and common destiny

of claiming the White House share, too, this reality –

the necessity

of wedding,


otherwise molding

and folding

one with the other disparate,

verily, disaffectionate

intraparty elements.


(Good luck with that!)

2 thoughts on “party irony

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