oh, what a night! (with thanks to The Four Seasons)

Compared to last week’s RNC

could this week’s DNC


as dramatic?

(so I asked in yesterday’s post)

or as chaotic?


It took only the bare,


first hours counting

to answer with a “Yes!” resounding…


the booing


swiftly rising

to the roaring

of Sandernistas decrying

the ruining

of their national




by Hillary’s





to the party planners

who may have felt the only matter

them concerning

was unifying all Dem people

to wage successful battle,



against the Trump-Pence ticket.

They hadn’t anticipated facing the dread thorny thicket

of angry folk, all in turn,

still Feelin’ the Bern!


Funny thing ‘bout revolutions;

once begun, inevitably evolving,

oft becoming


like scorching


beyond the restraining


e’en of the founder

(Just ask Martin Luther!).


So, we’ll see

in three days

whether the disunified Dems are brought to bay.

And this was all I was wont to say

for now, but then

I continued to listen

to person after person;



the proverbial tide turning…


Al Franken and Sarah Silverman,

herself a Sanders supporter,

stunningly adlibbing said to the Bernie or Bust backers,

“Hear this,

you’re being ridiculous!”


Paul Simon singing

a rendition stirring

of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”


Then Cory Booker,

impassioned, quoting

Maya Angelou channeling,

repeatedly saying,

“America, we will rise!”


Then Michelle, our First Lady,

and oh, “what a lady, what a night,

hypnotizing, mesmerizing,” bringing the fight

with a clarion call for unity.


Then Elizabeth Warren, a Clinton presidency hyping,

but not before another round of her now characteristic Trump-thumping.


Then Sanders,

the crowd’s raucous elation,

with a minutes-long standing ovation

disclosing anew the Dems’ divisions;

but then he dared

to declare,

“We must make Hillary Clinton the president of the United States!”

And by this, transforming,


before our beholding

eyes becoming,

a bridge over troubled water.


Oh, what a night!

O’er the next 3 days we shall see

what might


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