a politically, equal opportunity prime time rhyme

the Dems

can’t seem to get over dem



First, there’s Hillary,

who, as Secretary,

conceding belatedly

she used a private server of her family

for official communication

concerning the affairs of State of this nation…


Under challenge, first protesting,

she, of late

finally confessing

“I made a mistake.”


Now, Julian Assange, devilishly smiling,

via WikiLeaks leaking

20,000 emails intimating,

if not also demonstrating

the Dems’ National Committee favoring,

Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz preferring,


over Bernie;

thereby supporting

Sanders’ constant grumbling,

his Sandernistas concurring,

“The process is rigged!”

(thus, no irony sparing,


like Donald’s oft-said fuming supposition

about Republican primary machinations!)


Now, last week’s Republican National Convention was exciting,

verily, highly, though, too, sadly entertaining

(all reserve and restraint disdaining)

as Melania, in her speech, riffing,

no, actually plagiarizingly ripping

off Michelle,

then the delegates vociferously chanting,

“Lock her up!”

virtually salivating

at the thought of Hillary’s jailing,

then Ted Cruz failing,

clearly never intending,

to fall in line endorsing

Mr. Trump,

but rather all Republicans calling,

really, charging, challenging

them, the Constitution obeying,

on their consciences relying

to guide their voting

come this fall,

finally, Mr. Trump, the podium taking,

a dark picture of America painting,

sounded, at least to me, less democratic

and more autocratic.


Could this week’s Democratic National Convention be as dramatic?

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