a fall conundrum

i don’t know Donald or Hillary, other than what I have seen and heard

in their reported deeds and words;


thus, I cannot speak with knowledge personal

or conviction internal

about their sterling spirit-qualities

tho’ trusting they, each and both, possess

or their shadowy soul-deep liabilities,

which, doubtless, they, each and both, must confess

(if only in private).


what I can and do declare

is that they, each and both, standing in the public square,

magnifying their imperfections,

suffer from that condition

of all, our humanity

called hubris; that quality

of excessive prideful, self/over-confident personality.


Donald John Trump (nbcnews)

Donald, whate’er he says or does

ne’er apologizes,

thus, e’er idolizes

his self-

aggrandizing, -amplifying self.


Hillary Rodham Clinton (biography.com)


now that the F.B.I. hath ruled (exonerating her of liability legal

[but not political!]

for being “extremely careless”,

her prior demurrals specious,

and her judgment dubious

about State Department email use),

seems immune to the call of accountability,

the command, the demand to claim fullest responsibility.


hubris – our common human fate,

so evident glaringly in our presumptive presidential candidates –

for the Greeks, set one against the gods

and C. S. Lewis, agreeing, called the state of “anti-God”

when ego, denying, defying, flies in the face of God…


its eschatos inescapable

indeed, inexorable,

whether mythological

or theological

is proverbial,

for truth e’er calls

that “pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”…


all being why


either way,

do not look forward to this November’s  8th day.

2 thoughts on “a fall conundrum

  1. You’re quite the accurate poet!! This is BRILLIANT and should be published in a wider circle somehow. I may just go to Canada on election day after I vote. I likely will be speaking there on the 10th anyway.. If there was ever a case for the lesser of two evils (or close to evil) this election will really be it. The rest of the world has to be cracking up at us Americans. In the campground we are staying in we get several Canadian tv stations and they provide an almost comical report each evening on the two candidates. Mercy!!!

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