Independence Day reflection, 3 of 4

I also wonder about patriotism (from the Greek patriōtēs, “fatherland”); that love of country, pride in its history and customs, and devotion to its welfare.

American flag image

Our colonial forebears were not agreed about what constituted patriotism. Today, we are no less conflicted. One person’s fidelity to one position is another’s unreasoned zealotry or craven disloyalty, and vice-versa. (The swiftness with which folk cite their differences one from another is a chief sign, I think, of an earnest hunger for certainty. Though sincere, one still can miss the mark of truth, which, I also think, always is larger, greater than, beyond the bounds of the perimeter of a particular, even multiplex perspective.)


At times like these I read the Bible with a particular eye. Not casually, seeking personal, private spiritual insights. Nor as an always incipient student, probing ancient languages searching for deeper meaning. Rather I look for my reflection, yearning to know more about who I am to be and what I am to do at this time in this world.

3 thoughts on “Independence Day reflection, 3 of 4

  1. YES, MORE Bible reading. Lord knows we could all do with some relecting!! ….So a question Paul …… if you were suggesting to the two candidates readings in the Bible that maybe would help in some concensus building that you mentioned in part 2….. what would you suggest??

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    • Hmmm, good question. I think the capacity to take part in consensus-building involves folk being able and willing to find agreement (and at the least be neutral about a decision and not opposed to it). Given our human nature of the power of individual (often selfish) self-interest, to enter into consensus-building calls for a change of heart toward an at least equal interest in the common good. A powerful scriptural text that illustrates such an alteration in orientation/worldview is Matthew 5.1-12, the Beatitudes.

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  2. Thanks Paul!! I had to read the Beatitudes again this morning to remind myself! They are perfect!! I could only remember Blessed are the pure in heart. I read them three times this morning to let them sink in! The country could definitely use a refresher course in these….. see, another class!

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