ode to a dreamer/believer

(dedicated to the one i love)


beholding the sky, its cerulean limitlessness,

sky, blue

with a memory miraculous

of something not yet,






in her bones, she knew she was meant to take flight,

to alight


on air…


though wingless,

for the longest

time she stretched, flutterless,


stubbornly earthbound,

her talons sharp and embedded,

inextricably wedded

to the ground,




she dreamed

and deemed


her home, space;

land, an interim place.


one day, as she alway knew,


she sprouted those necessary things,



(was it but a dream, a mocking fantasy

or her new,



never questioning,

ever believing)

bird in flight

and flew.

7 thoughts on “ode to a dreamer/believer

  1. Dear Paul,

    You are a true poet, and Pontheolla, obviously your true muse. It would be hard to know which of you is luckier or more inspiring. Thank All That Is Good and Right that you met! (And some gratitude also to whoever forgot the tongs!)


    Karen Seay

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  2. WOW!!! Paul that’s one of the most amazing things you’ve written!! Says EVERYTHING about Pontheolla!!! Dreaming…. ALWAYS… Believing .. Taking flight and SOARING!! I don’t think there are any limits to what can be done in and on the grounds of Clevedale!!!! Whatever Pontheolla dreams of next, will occur…. Folks Probably should get their ticket to it in advance!! The sky is the limit as the saying goes!! Continue to soar and achieve! Much continued success to you and Pontheolla and much love to you both!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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