and the opening round goes to…

The Donald touts Brexit as a boon to the economy

(of his new South Ayrshire golf course, Trump Turnberry).


Senator Elizabeth Warren shows little compunction

to prick his skin with multiple perforations

in verbal assaults, whether uttered

or (in 140 characters or less) tweeted:

he’s “a sexist, racist bully”, “a money grubber,”

“a union buster,”

“a climate change denier,”

and, borrowing one of his favorite jabs, “a loser.”


Trump’s nerves fried

(or is it wounded pride?)

counters with swiftest admonition

she’s a lackluster senator, “all talk, no action”

and, in addition to “Pocahontas” giving her a new appellation

“Goofy” (Goofy?  A cartoonish characterization,

but hardly, in my mind, a stinging denunciation!)


Round by round, Warren v. Trump

they feint and jab, punch and thump;

all the while Hillary can stay

above the fray,

beyond sullying harm’s way;

good strategy, they say.


Rhyming aside, when insult and innuendo, slur and slander become the lingua franca of the presidential campaign, this, for me, is political theater most absurd.

Too many issues that matter –

the economy,

the military,

national security,

religious liberty,

foreign policy,

renewable energy,

and the banking industry…

immigration, deportation, & pathways to legalization,


global nuclear proliferation,

Supreme Court nominations,

Social Security privatization…

and others that don’t yield easily to verse, among them: health care and gun control  –

call, cry out to be debated with reasoned passion by the candidates and their views digested with sobered attentiveness by a judicious electorate.


And what we have so far, now and here,

I fear,

won’t, can’t get us there.


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