Donald John Trump

“Make America Great Again!”

So Donald John Trump touts in his campaign slogan of very loud note.


If I literally his word to take,

then I would surmise by “make”

and “again”

that Mr. Trump has a plan,

a program

(at times, I fear, a pogrom)

to transform

our late,

once great


restoring her to former lofty station.


I wonder: What is


rags-to-riches, phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes



2 (of a mighty many) of his words

I’ve heard…


“We’ll build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it!”

(good luck with that!)




“I’m a very successful businessman. I’ll bring jobs back to our country!”

(though, I think, hardly those he’s shipped to other global economies!)


And, Mr. Trump, to date I’ve not heard you state

much more than glaring generalities,

thus, far less than thoughtful specificities;

leaving me to wonder about the America you will make great again.


Will we


more exclusive, bounded about, fenced within our primal, nativist sensibilities?

Or will we


more inclusive, alway opening out toward our most expansive possibilities?


Tell me, Mr. Trump, which America (for alway there have been at least these two)

do you propose,

do you purpose

again to make great?

4 thoughts on “m.A.g.a.?

  1. Thank you, dear Paul, for posing the questions that require answers.

    “Great” has always been and will ever be in the eye of the beholder. For which of us was America ever purely and simply “great?” And when was that? And when did it end? And why?

    What aspect of our national character must needs be great? And what is it we plan to do with our greatness once it is recovered?

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    • Amen, Karen. It is Mr. Trump’s overall lack of definition, as I interpret his pronouncements, yet (also as I interpret) his all too barbed-tailed references to “the other” and his isolationist rhetoric that give me great reservation and grave pause. Moreover, I think, what began, now some months ago, as Mr. Trump’s great adventure of a campaign fueled by his personality and fired by our media’s fascinated free coverage (only in America!), now has the appearance of possibility. Mercy!

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