when the trumpet blasts, run for the hills!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the presumptive Republican and Democratic presidential nominees, respectively. At this watershed moment in American politics, I reflect.

A self-professed logophile, I grant that Mr. Trump has a flair for wordsmithery (though displaying less a rapier wit and more a truncheon-like appetite for bludgeoning his opponents).

To wit…

“Lightweight”, “not a smart man”, “stiff”, and “spoiled child”; all in reference to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and, all told, an overdose, overkill of verbal pyrotechnics for a competitor who barely scraped the underside of 5% in the polls…

“Little Marco”, characterizing (or rather character-assassinating) Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s youthful (read: childlike) appearance and comparatively diminutive stature, particularly when standing next to Trump’s 6’3”. (For the record, Rubio is listed at 5’10”, though folks in the know say he’s closer to 5’8”; not that there’s anything wrong with that, for so am I!)…

“Lyin’ Ted” for Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz; for me, a strikingly dismissive rejoinder to one of Cruz’s catchier campaign slogans: TRUSTed…

And, turning his vitriol against the former First Lady, former New York U.S. Senator, and former Secretary of State, “Crooked Hillary”, which, I gather, seeks to highlight what some consider Cinton’s less than honesty about her role as Secretary of State in the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead and her something short of truthiness regarding her employ of a private server for some State Department cyber-communications. (As we move toward the general election and Trump’s bombast goes into higher [lower] gear, “Crooked Hillary” eventually may be viewed as epithetically mild.)

Here, I make two confessions.

One, I believe Hillary has some credibility concerns, perceived or real (though perception in the eye of the beholder is reality). And I’ve done some hard thinking through my questions about her person and her candidacy.

Two, between Trump and Clinton, I believe her to be the class of the two regarding experience in governance and expertise in governing. For this reason (thus, not simply because I’m a lifelong Democrat, for I can recall once voting for the Republican presidential nominee, thereby splitting the Mack Abernathy-Abernathy household vote), I plan to vote for Clinton.

All this said, in my over 40 years as a proud participant and voting member of the American electorate, I cannot recall a time when the principal political parties put forward (again, presumptively) two more personally baggage-ridden candidates.

This puts me in mind of Joseph de Maistre’s perhaps cynical, but, I think, no less astute observation, “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite” (“Every country has the government it deserves”), which I shall amend: We, the American people, have the candidates we deserve.

So, enough, for now, about Donald and Hillary. What’s up with us?

3 thoughts on “when the trumpet blasts, run for the hills!

  1. Paul,

    I could not have summed up the two candidates any better “baggage ridden”!!! As you’ve told me several times, I’m going to “borrow” this phrase and give you credit!!! This is the craziest election of my life. I keep waiting for the joke to be over so we can carry on without Trump as one of the candidates, but it’s not. In two weeks I’m getting my passport renewed. Canada is looking pretty great!! They have some amazing campgrounds we’d love to try out!!

    Thanks for writing what so many of us are thinking!!

    Liked by 1 person

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