January 23, 2016



January 23rd

a splendid day for 2 joyous words:

Happy Birthday!

in celebration of my sugar dumpling’s



of life in this world!


Sugar dumpling?

I’ve never called her that!

No, never anything

like that!


“Honey”, “Hon”, “Baby”, “Babe”, yes,

even, in highest admiration, “The Best!”


Sometimes, too, in a play on “Mack”,

her maiden name,

I’ll call her “McGillicuddy” or “PMack”,

but it all means the same…


All are terms of endearment sincerest

expressing to the dearest,

Pontheolla in a contemplative moment, Maui at sunset, 8-24-11

smartest and wisest, keenest and kindest,

risk-taking steeliest and strongest,  304

853   spriteliest and funniest,  319

loving-est and patient-est,


and person

I know!


Happy Birthday, Pontheolla!


All my love,


6 thoughts on “January 23, 2016

  1. Happy birthday Ponthy!  Sitting here looking at the snow coming down and remembering our wonderful visit last month.  You were working at warp speed and absolutely radiant. Have a wonderful day.  With love from Penny and Brock. 



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