“see you in 6 months”


I’ve begun 2016

as I ended 2015,


my dentist,

my internist,

my ophthalmologist,

my urologist…


(Whew! Psychiatrist?

Not yet, but who knows what’ll be?

I’ll have to wait and see!)





for some confidence

via my doctors’ assurances

that this year, going forward

I’ll enjoy the reward

of faring far better than last.


What will come? I’m no seer,

thus, I can’t know, but one thing is clear…


I know I’m now viewed as older,

for each of my doctors:

my dentist,

my internist,

my ophthalmologist,

my urologist,

all, at my appointment’s end, smiling,

send me home saying,

the words in my mind singing:

“See you in six months.”

4 thoughts on ““see you in 6 months”

  1. You may be older Paul, but you’ve much more life to live.
    As just one example, you’ve many more sermons to give.
    Your words and actions as a priest inspire,
    So God will give you the energy you require.
    As co-owner of a B&B, you still have many more people to meet and greet.
    You provide great comfort to folks who come to stay and rest their feet.
    So in the six months til you see all the docs again, may you have great health and wonderful life experiences my dear friend!


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