aging & rejoicing

IMG_0069entering 2016, a personal reflection, mostly in gerunds & present participles, on 2015, being my most recent (and poorest) year (of health, which I e’er can recall and ne’er desire to repeat)



my body…

PRA by Hall

is older,




achier, particularly in the mornings,

but also sometimes,

really, any time

when, too far stretching,

too high or low reaching,

I end up crampily breaching

the secret shrinking limits of my mortal, physical ability

(“secret” because my body –

in grossest display of insouciant incivility –

so far has declined,

with regularity,

to inform my mind!)…


but, ah, my mind!

still breathing

Spring’s fresh air

(no matter the season);

still perceiving

blue-skied hopes fair

(though oft conflicting,


any…all reason!)


and accompanying

that breathing

and perceiving

are images and ideas, words and thoughts



like a rambunctious murmuration of horizon-filling





like an e’er flowing

consciousness streaming.


thus I, rejoicing,

thank the God of my making,

the God of my revering,

for, yes, moment to moment, I am aging,

yet, in each moment, I am a living, loving


2 thoughts on “aging & rejoicing

  1. Paul,

    That was beautifully written. The way you described your bending and stretching and aching allows the reader “to feel” right along with you. What I like most of course is that your mind is still very much in tact (how could it not be with your intelligence?) and it allows you to continue to do so many great things, including this blog. My wish for you in 2016 is much improved health over last year and your continued gratitude of living and loving in this life!! You still have much to contribute to the world.


    • Loretta, I pray your good wishes for me may be so. As an unspoken subtext to this blog post is my abiding awareness that mental deterioration is an element of my maternal inheritance. As my body fades, though my mind remains intact, I wonder when will I no longer know what I think I know…


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