transformation – a personal reflection on the 5th day of Christmas

cloudsin the dreamy semi-consciousness of early this morn these words came to me…


Wisdom (Σοφία or Sophia), Celsus Library, Ephesus, Turkey

He was met, surprised by Wisdom

on some dusty, deserted, unidentified corner of the labyrinthine maze of his muddled mind.

And She,

Who, named Sophia, is holy

(for Whom he ne’er had known he sought,

but Who, aware of his truest need, alway had watched, waiting for him),

miraculously, mercifully transformed the wearying vigor of his soul’s disquiet

into the insatiable ardor of heaven’s Love.


And, once more, he experienced his nativity

in the now foreign familiarity of coming out of darkness into Light.


Photograph: Σοφία (Wisdom), Celsus Library, Ephesus, Turkey

2 thoughts on “transformation – a personal reflection on the 5th day of Christmas

  1. Thanks Paul!!! The photo you included reminded me of how much I learned when visiting Ephesus, Turkey. We even had a private lunch in one of the places where Paul spoke to the Ephesians. I also always learn a lot from you so I love this reflection….short, yet these are powerful words that came to you in the morning! I believe it’s important during the holiday season when so many people are down and sad…. But eventually they find their own heaven’s love so they can find their way out of darkness into light.


    • Thanks, Loretta. I continue to think and to reflect on the meaning of these words, for I recorded as best I could what I remembered. It was as if someone was speaking to me about me. Hence, I cleave to these words, holding them close to my heart and soul.


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