kin_dom, 2 of 3

Biblea biblical reflection, based on Luke 3.1-6, for the 2nd Sunday of Advent, December 6, 2015

John the Baptist’s vision of the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy is unsettling and inviting.

Unsettling because it portends upsetting things as they are. Upsetting the way we are. All is not good and right with the world and with us. Yet I think that we, at least many of us (well, I confess, that I) much of the time, through our hard-won wisdom and deeply ingrained realism about the world and ourselves, have gotten used to it.

Inviting because, although all is not well, we, despite our realistic acceptance of things as they are, hold fast to hope. Perhaps, at times, less heartfelt conviction and more wishful thinking, but, nevertheless, hope. Hope that things, that we, our world, our circumstances, our relationships, our very selves might be different, changed. Our valleys filled, our mountains lowered, our crooked paths straightened, our rough places leveled.

John’s vision is unsettling and inviting, for he is talking about maintenance, not of highways, but of humans through the coming of God’s kin_dom – a world of the righteousness of justice and love for all…

2 thoughts on “kin_dom, 2 of 3

  1. Paul,

    Unsettling and inviting! Thank you Paul, I really like to ponder both sides of an issue. I don’t mind the unsettling side because I’m fairly ok with change, especially for the better. As you said, as bad as things are in the world these days, we could use some help!!

    The inviting piece is sooooo hopeful for me!! I want my valleys filled and my mountains not so high!! I’d be relieved if the rough places can be leveled just a little!!!! Bring the kin_dom on! We humans could really use it!!

    Looking forward to part 3!!


    • Thanks to you, Loretta. Your comment calls/causes me to rethink afresh the dichotomy of unsettling-inviting. And it occurs to me that the coming of the kin_dom necessitates both. For without the disturbance/discomfiture brought on by having our world and our selves unsettled we will not (CANNOT) hear the invitation. This, I think, is another way of saying that repentance (or revolution) must precede restoration (or fulfillment).

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