reflections on suffering, a prolegomenon

IMG_0069Perhaps it is because of my inborn sensitivity to the strife in our world, both by the force of natural calamity and at the hand of human agency or because of the recent deaths of folk I know whose quintessential humankindness have touched and enriched the very heart of me, whose absences from this realm of time and space stir my deepest sympathies, and whose lives I especially commemorate and celebrate on this All Souls’ Day, or because, with the advent of fall, accompanied by predictably persistently dreary skies during the day and nights of fast-falling darkness, soon will come my annual bout with seasonal affective disorder or because all of the aforementioned coupled with causes beyond my conscious grasp, I, o’er the past days, have given my morning meditations over to the subject of suffering.

In the coming days, I will share reflections on this ineradicable existential reality.

8 thoughts on “reflections on suffering, a prolegomenon

  1. Paul, all of us who love you will be here to support you through this annual period. I know we will all receive a blessing of some sort from your honest reflections that are to come. Much love to you my friend!

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  2. BTW in my prolegomena, I did make one error, which I corrected a moment ago. In the last sentence, I had written of suffering as “eradicable”, when I meant to write “ineradicable”, for I do not believe suffering can be eliminated, ever.

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    • Paul, thank you for all of your e-mail postings. I ask your prayers for me as I go to the hospital to have surgery on my spine, Nov. 10. You are so inspiring as I read your messages & have missed your sermons at St. Christopher’s . God’s Peace
      Shelby Boyce


      • My dear Shelby, know of my deepest, most earnest prayers that your surgeon may be guided by God’s hand and healing wisdom, that all the medical caregivers will serve you with faithfulness and fruitfulness, and that you may be restored to wholeness and health, swiftly and surely. Love


  3. I wrote quite a long reply yesterday, but when I hit post, it didn’t. Just as well, I suppose. I do identify with your season of darkness, as I call it. I know it well. Bless you, Paul.


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