ode to Obergefell v. Hodges – a supreme song


SCOTUS, that ensemble of nine voices –

with over 200 years of history

and known internationally –

hath sung.

The song?

Years, many years in the conceiving,

and once commissioned, on January 16, 2015, months in the composing.

Melodious to some, like me and many I know, respect, and love, who listened, hoped for a tune in harmony with equality.

Discordant to others, also including many I know, respect, and love, who hear in its dominant chord, sung by 5 of 9, the tone of heresy.

Still, this not so merry band

hath sung; that song, the law of the land.

That song, for me,

of love’s liberty.

2 thoughts on “ode to Obergefell v. Hodges – a supreme song

  1. Paul,

    Thanks so much for presenting both sides of this is your usual eloquent way. There truly was quite the discord in the final decision. Reading some of the dissenting opinions was hard to do though I did try.

    Like you, people I know, love and respect were very much against this decision. I empathized with them while celebrating the outcome myself.

    One of the things I loved most about this post is the fact you gave it a musical theme and I could almost hear you singing! Music can make it easy for folks to come together and maybe even sing together, even if we don’t like all of the words!! I pray that one day we will all be able to sing harmoniously and leave the discord behind.


  2. Thank you, Loretta. I find it to be true for me that as I’ve gotten older, I am more aware of and open to alternate points of view, even those that conflict with mine. Moreover, I find more and more that as my circles of acquaintances and friends broaden, I, at times, discern differences of opinion, sometimes strong, between and among folk I love and respect. As I age, with more life behind than before me, I feel less of a tendency to eliminate people from my life, even and especially when we disagree and even and especially on subjects of great or grave import. My position on same-sex marriage – in the affirmative – is clear. Still, I know those who stand in other places with other perspectives. As for the musical undertone (pun intended!), hmmm, it simply came to me! Again, Loretta, thanks

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