a father’s Father’s Day reflection a day in advance


To father is to share in the act of conception.

To be a father requires more than one’s presence and participation once, once upon a time,

but rather being present through time.

And that requires the daughter’s gift of herself;

the grace of her reception

of the father’s ever-flawed offering of himself.

Thank you, Kristin, for accepting me. I am grateful to be your father, always and in all ways.

2 thoughts on “a father’s Father’s Day reflection a day in advance

  1. Paul,

    One word – Awesome!!

    This picture brings me to tears… If I could change one thing in my life, it would be to have a photo like this WITH my dad. If only my mom had been strong enough to allow her children to be “accepting” of our father whether she liked his lifestyle or not. But she wasn’t. At least I have some wonderful photos of my dad AND I know that he loved me until the day he died.

    Not that you need advice from me, but continue to cherish your time and memories you make with Kristin. Happy early Father’s Day my dear brother!


    • I thought about you and your father when I crafted this post and paired it with this picture. Know that I am mindful and sorrowful of your ever-lost opportunity to see and to know your Dad. And, yes, I shall and do cherish my moments with Kristin; purest gold they are

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