spring? – a Lenten prayer


Cypress limbs –

fingers of nature’s hand,

long-lived and evergreen, like hope,

stretching alway upward,

searching heavenward

for the advent of spring…

Intercessory supplication

for all in winter’s fell clutch

of buffeting breath most rude and cold,

of wearying nights grieving light’s absence,

of despairing shadows, furthering ruthlessly, darkening souls and dimming spirits.

As hope – born in still-beating hearts’ invincible expectation –

is promise yet fulfilled,

so, as cypress, ever green, alway upward, my prayers ascend for spring.

2 thoughts on “spring? – a Lenten prayer

  1. It’s a beautiful prayer Paul! Now, Only 364 more prayers to go for that book!! What I meant by my previous comment about you being able to put together a book of 365 prayers in a few minutes was as much as you like to write, I’m sure you have hundreds of prayers you’ve written over the years that could be published right now (though I know you’d sprnd time editing)! Hope you do that book on day. In the meantime, c’mon spring!!!


  2. C’mon spring! Amen to that! And, just so you know, your suggestion that I write a book of prayers put that – writing a prayer – in my mind this morning. Looking through the window at the cypress trees and thinking about all the reports from friends and in the news about the fierce winter weather came together and formed this supplication. Thanks!


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